We believe that the purpose of intelligent life is to spread intelligence and knowledge. Ancient civilizations preserved and transmitted their knowledge to the future using stone, a very long lasting medium.

But our civilization's knowledge exists increasingly on perishable digital storage media that persist for only 50 to 100 years. What would happen to all this knowledge if there was a planetary catastrophe? In a short time there would be almost no trace of our civilization's knowledge left on Earth.

We must find better ways to protect and transmit our digital knowledge across vast distances in time and space. Not only is this an important backup for future generations in case of a planetary disaster, it is also a key enabler for our coming spacefaring civilization as humanity spreads across our solar system and beyond. 

The Arch Mission exists to help humanity fulfill its purpose in the universe by preserving and transmitting our most important knowledge to the stars, via specialized archive devices called "Archs" (tm) that are designed to spread and persist across vast distances of space and time.